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Detail from “Priorities”, 2014 by carriembecker on Flickr.

Can you believe these are miniatures!?

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We do realize it must feel like map week around here, but how could we not share this literary street map made up from the titles of over six hundred books?


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Hand Carved Miniature Quartz Skull.

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Guy Laramee

Amazing landscapes meticulously carved out of books.

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I’m not going to any cons this summer, but I decided to get in the spirit by doing cosplay- for a doll.  So here’s Robecca Steam, the steam-powered automaton from Monster High, cosplaying Oswin Oswald from the Doctor Who episode “Asylum of the Daleks.” (appropriate, don’t you think?)

Oswin Oswald

I made the dress and all the accessories from scratch, except for the shoes- those are MH shoes that I stripped and repainted. I’m especially proud of the itty bitty whisk, made from a paper clip, the spring from a ballpoint pen, and silvery duct tape!

I used the handy Oswin Oswald pics here for reference.

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Mario Klingemann - Typographical Gears (2011) - Cardboard

"Round and round and round it goes and where she stops, nobody knows."

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Artwork by Anne Bechelier, for the limited Artist’s edition of Robin McKinley’s Rose Daughter

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