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My education book is keepin it real

hell yeah

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Racism is not ended by being nice. Nice is an attitude. You could be nice to your slave. Racism is not an attitude; racism is about power. 

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okay I am about to walk out the door for two weeks to be a camp counselor I will see y’all on the other side

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You hear things like,People shouldn’t know about your life because you’re creating an illusion on-screen.’ But I don’t see other actresses going to great lengths to hide their heterosexuality. That’s an unfair double standard.”

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hanna + gay

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Oh my god youre straight? I had no idea. You seem normal to me. Did you know that Sara is straight to? You two should totally hook up. I cant believe youre straight. You could be my straight best friend. We could go to football games together. Itll be so much fun. So like how long have you been straight? Youre whole life!? No way.

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color memewomen of hannibal + summer colors (requested by renlybaratheon)

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